As a customer of H&A Siivouspalvelu, you will enjoy consistent quality and considerate service. We will provide you the best cleaning personnel for your premises, who follow a carefully designed service process.

Cleanliness creates results

Cleanliness and freshness create a good first impression and affect the general atmosphere of premises. Cleanliness, therefore, brings clear financial benefit for business. With maintenance cleaning, we will keep your premises on a mutually agreed level of cleanliness. We offer our contract customers special cleaning from large cleaning operations to window and carpet cleaning.

Our contract cleaning services cover nearly all types of premises from offices to commercial properties and swimming halls. Find out about our services or request an offer for a cleaning in different premises. Don’t forget to ask about our on-call cleaning service!

Office cleaning

Our staff with great customer service skills will take care of everything from watering the plants to washing carpeting, as needed.

Business cleaning

The cleaning of service desks, window washing, furniture washing – we offer cleaning services for the needs of all types of business premises.

Restaurant cleaning

We are one of the leading operators in restaurant cleaning in the Helsinki metropolitan area with over 20 years of experience.