Are you the employee we’re looking for?

As our operation expands, we are constantly looking for new, energetic cleaners for our team. There are currently over 100 motivated and committed professionals working at our company. Our shared goal is to retain our high customer satisfaction which is proved by surveys.

We take care of our employees because the skill and welfare of our personnel has always been the cornerstone of our success. We work in teams, so you’ll never be alone and will always get support in your work.

We offer our employees an opportunity for constant professional development through training. To improve workplace satisfaction, we organise various theme days and events for our staff. We regularly measure workplace satisfaction through personnel satisfaction surveys. We utilise a reward system to reward the most accomplished teams annually.

We train all our employees, so the most important thing is not your experience, but rather having the right attitude. We require you to take the initiative and have customer service skills as well as a genuine desire to develop into a cleaning professional. We offer you a great opportunity to advance your career.

Responses from our 2019 personnel survey

Recommend H&A Team as an employer96%
Feel that work with H&A Team is meaningful91%
Receive assistance from their superior when needed86%

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